Energy Transformation

This may be what you have been searching for

I have developed this unique experience over more than ten years. It combines various therapies and methods in one session to make subtle changes to the human energy field, encouraging you to fulfil your life path.Water Droplet

Each session is different, as I allow intuition to guide me in the combination of treatment used at each Energy Transformation appointment. Therefore if you choose to experience two sessions they are likely to vary considerably, since a later treatment would naturally be adapted to encompass any changes resulting from the first.

This special service often involves client participation, which will be fully explained before the session begins. However, if you wish to discuss this before booking, please contact me.

Energy Transformation can be experienced by anyone. It is sometimes used to help with recovery from illness and may be especially beneficial for:

Personal Development

It can encourage personal development and spiritual growth for those seeking this type of progression. One session is usually enough in this instance. However, some clients choose to return for another single session months or years later for further personal development.

Improving Life Experience

It can enable an individual to explore and release anything which may be preventing them from achieving their ambitions. This may include emotional blocks, learnt behaviour or responses, lack of confidence, trauma etc.

This may be the treatment for you if you:

  • Have suffered trauma of any kind – mental, emotional or physical
  • Sabotage your own success
  • Feel you are unable to fulfil your potential
  • Do not understand why you feel a certain way about specific things/events
  • Feel like you are observing life
  • Have an unusual emotional response to certain circumstances

This is by no means an exhaustive list so if what you have read so far resonates with you, consider trying Energy Transformation – you deserve happiness.

As a Guideline

Since everyone is different there is no set order for the release of that which ‘no longer serves us’. The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the symptoms and the length of time you have been experiencing them.

You will usually start to notice subtle changes after one or two sessions but it may take three or four over a period of months to fully benefit. However, some people feel no need for any more treatments after the initial session, since they are then able to cope with the rest of the healing process themselves using the ‘tools’ I provide.


As a therapist myself I am quite picky about whom I would trust enough to approach in order to support me with my own issues.

I cannot praise Linda highly enough.  Her wealth of experience and ability as well as her intuitive insights were invaluable in helping me.

She is a ‘therapist’s therapist’!

– Zanna

Session: 1.5 hours
Investment: £60

Follow up sessions can be 1 hour
Investment: £40

photograph by RowanOak Creative