Intro to Crystals

An Introduction to Working with Crystals – Part 1

Suitable for complete beginners or people with some knowledge, especially those who have crystals but have no idea how to use them or those who are drawn to them but don’t know why.

You do not need to own any crystals to attend the workshop but if you have one or two favourites please feel free to bring them.

Learn how to:

  • Stay grounded when using crystals
  • Cleanse, dedicate and programme crystals
  • Use them for meditation
  • Connect with the crystal kingdom
  • Ascertain the uses of different crystals without a book
  • Use crystals to change the energy in a room etc
  • Understand the contra-indications when using crystals

Next Workshop: Intro to Crystals part 1

March or June –  please email for details
10.00 – 3.30pm
Course Fee: £30

Working with Crystals – Part two

Suitable for those who have completed an ‘Introduction to Working with Crystals’.

Learn how to:

  • Create crystal grids for meditation and self healing
  • Use crystals with your seven main chakras
  • Make an ‘altar’ with a purpose or intention of your choice
  • Use a dowsing pendant to find out about yours or someone else’s energy system

It is not a requirement but if you already have a dowsing pendant you may like to bring it with you – there will be some available to use on the day.

Next Workshop: Intro to Crystals part 2

May or September  –  please email for details
10.00 – 3.30pm
Course Fee: £30