Therapy FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Complementary Therapy Questions


  • Treatments are usually carried out on a fully adjustable, covered healing couch. This means you can recline or sit if you are unable to lay flat with pillows.
  • You will always remain fully clothed except for your shoes (it’s more comfortable to remove them if you are lying down!)
  • You will be covered with a sheet or blanket depending on the time of year
  • A brief medical history will be taken, i.e. the name of your GP, any symptoms, medication, etc. (NB: your GP would never be contacted without your written permission)


  • Confidentiality is paramount and your information will not be divulged without your permission
  • You do not need to disclose personal matters unless you wish to
  • Questions and feedback are not a requirement but are always welcome
  • Engaging with your own healing journey and personal development will enhance most of the treatments
  • I may suggest things for you to do/read etc between sessions to enhance the healing process and empower you to help yourself

If you have any questions

  • Please feel free to contact me prior to making an appointment
  • The treatments offered are complementary and therefore you should continue to follow your GP or consultant’s guidance. Under no circumstances should you cease medication or treatment without your doctor’s permission

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If you have any additional questions you would like answered please contact me to discuss them.

 Photography by kind permission of  Bohemianisn