Water Photos

Why Did I Choose Images of Water?

A large percentage of the human body is made up of water, which is why, like the tide; humans are affected by the moon.Blue Moon

Just as water is affected and ‘coloured’ by its surroundings so are we.

  • Water flows around objects. Sometimes we skirt around things to avoid confrontation or ‘keep the peace’ – often to our detriment
  • Sometimes it flows over objects, just as we can be overridden by other people, with little thought for our feelings
  • Our energy can be polluted by situations we come into contact with, just as water can be polluted
  • We can also become stagnant like water if we don’t progress and meet new people and challenges
  • Or we can become ‘frozen’ by old emotions and experiences
  • We may be ‘frozen in time’ so that we no longer move forward or progress with our life
  • Maybe our situation causes us to feel unrest just like ripples or waves, through our energy field, making us feel unsettled
  • Or we may find that we clash with people like the waves crashing on the rocks
  • Maybe we feel that we are restricted, like water flowing under a narrow bridge or through underground pipes
  • Sometimes water drops deep into the underground darkness, exactly as we may ‘fall into depression’
  • Dropping a pebble in water sends out ripples, just as our experiences and response to them can affect the people around us 

However, after the ‘trauma’ of flowing over rocks and waterfalls, being coloured or polluted by its surroundings, water eventually flows to the sea, where it is free to ebb and flow before being taken up by the wind to form clouds and rain, starting its cycle again.When we face difficulties and overcome them we allow ourselves freedom to move into the next stage of our life. Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future gives us peace of mind and allows us to fulfil our life path with joy.If we learn not to be as ‘cold as ice’ and refuse to allow ourselves to be ‘polluted’ by circumstance or influence, we can easily learn to ‘flow’ through life’s challenges – the outcome being that we find life’s experiences less of a challenge and are more likely to be happy and healthy. 


I give a very big ‘thank you’ to  Mikeyskatie, Skpy, TraumTeufel666, Bohemianism, Badjonni  Vaka0627 & Petras Gagilas who, despite never having met me, so kindly allowed me to use their wonderful photographs of water on this website. Without their generosity it would not have been possible to illustrate the ways water reflects our responses to life experiences.