Understanding Energy

This workshop will cover part of the vast subject of energy and explore some of its effects on us in normal daily life. We are constantly bombarded by various energies some of which are more pleasant than others. If we have a better understanding of what we are experiencing we are more likely to be able to make small changes, which can help us to feel less tired or depleted.
Earth Water

This workshop is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in learning a little about the vast subject of energy
  • Anyone who feels depleted after being in certain people’s company
  • Carers who find it hard to maintain their energy levels
  • Complementary therapists who experience depletion
  • Those considering training in complementary therapy
  • Social workers, probation officers, those who work in Mental Health etc and often feel exhausted.

It will cover:

  • An introduction to the energy systems of the human body
  • Maintaining your energy when in the company of others
  • Recognising when you are becoming depleted
  • Recognising who/what makes you feel depleted
  • Becoming aware of the energy of your surroundings, including buildings
  • Passively deflecting and depleting anger directed at you
  • Awareness of how your energy affects others
  • Various methods to raise your energy levels
  • Dowsing the energy system 

The workshop will include practical work, discussion, information and techniques for use in your daily life

Note: Dowsing pendants will be available for use on the day but if you already own one you are welcome to bring it.

Available dates:

March or June – please email for details
Time: 10.00 – 3.30pm
Investment: £30.00 

Photography by kind permission of Vaka0627