Sound Experience

Suitable for complete beginners or for those with some experience.  We will work with the various sounds produced by the Tibetan bowls, bells, gongs, tingshas, rainsticks, rattles that are provided for your use (if you already own a Tibetan bowl etc and wish to bring it along please do.)

You will:

  • Try out and learn to ‘play’ all of the above
  • Work with, all of the above
  • Experience sound as part of meditation
  • Participate in giving and receiving a ‘sound experience’
  • Learn how to use sound to change the energy in a room
  • Learn some interesting facts about sound.

We will not be using drums or the voice so you will not have to sing or chant. No musical experience is required. Some people find it easier to work with sound if they don’t play an instrument since it frees them to use their intuition instead of being restricted by what they know musically.

Note: a sound experience workshop can be just as powerful as having a sound therapy so you may benefit from this workshop!

Next Sound Workshop:

February or May – please email for details
10.00 – 4.30pm
Course Fee: £35.00

 photograph by RowanOak Creative